Our Approach

The staff at Phoenix Academy all hold the deep-seated belief that ‘every child matters’ and that everyone has the potential to achieve and succeed.

We believe that the ‘Phoenix’ signifies a new start and whilst many of our children have not had the easiest journeys in education when they join us, we think creatively about our approach to learning and how best to meet the needs of all.

We know our children well and are therefore able to put in place a personalised approach that ensures the right pathway and support for them.

Phoenix Academy supports children who have  wide range of complex social, emotional and mental health needs.  Many of our children have a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum and additional learning difficulties.

Education Health Care Plans

All children at Phoenix Academy have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP), and are working towards long term objectives set out in that document.

Through a very thorough understanding of this document and each child’s needs, staff are aware of the support that must be in place to enable each child to succeed.  This underpins everything that we do at Phoenix, and is woven into day to day life here.

Whether it is practicing social skills over breakfast and lunch, developing emotional regulation through 3 x daily reflection or developing our physical and mental wellbeing through mindfulness, yoga and breathing exercises, not to mention PE and sports – children develop their skills and work towards their individualised targets.

Targeted Interventions

Children also have access to a child centred intervention program.  Working closely with the Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant, the Class Intervention Teaching Assistant supports all children in the class to make progress against their long-term objectives and targets.

This can be achieved through:

  • role play
  • puppet play
  • emotional literacy support
  • peer relationship building exercises
  • game playing – turn taking
  • all alongside academic intervention to boost curriculum learning.

Our team work holistically around each child in order for them to make the best possible progress both academically and functionally.

Art Therapy

We also recognise that some children may need additional therapeutic support and we are very lucky to be able to refer them for Art Therapy delivered by our in-house Therapist.

Here, children have a safe therapeutic space where they can explore their emotions and develop their self-expression.  The Therapist also offers drop-in sessions for children who may need some ad-hoc intervention and less formal therapeutic support.

Family Intervention Workers

Through regular contact with parents and carers, we involve families in the details of their children’s education and school day.

We extend our help outside the classroom, recognising that there must be a continuity of care both at home and at school as this is vital for child development.  We understand that children do much better when their home life is stable.

To help us support families, we have two Family Intervention Workers who provide advice, practical help and liaise with any external agencies who may be involved.  We try to promote to families that at Phoenix Academy there are people in whom you can trust and confide in, and who will support in getting children the right help at the right time.