British Values

At Phoenix Academy our pupils are supported to make positive choices in a safe and empathetic environment.  Our offer at Phoenix evolves with our core values and that of British Values.

We recognise that our children fluctuate between these stages depending on their individual needs and circumstances.   At Phoenix we strive to promote respect through supporting the children to understand that we need to understand the needs of each other, develop a positive relationship and be able to have some co and self-regulation skills.  This in turn will lead to the pupils respecting themselves, each other and their environment.

At Phoenix we support pupils to reflect on their actions and the impact this may have had on others. We support the children through restorative conversations and pupils are taught the value and reasons behind rules and laws and that they are there to safeguard us.

Our PSHE and RE curriculum is focused on actively providing diversity through deepening our understanding and celebrating different faiths and cultures. Votes for School reinforces our messages of acceptance towards others and our understanding of the needs of each other.