Phoenix Academy follows the Public Health Agency Guidance around infection control in schools, and this defines whether schools should mark a pupil absence as ‘authorised’ or ‘unauthorised’.

It is therefore essential that parents/carers are aware of this guidance which can be found by clicking on the link below:

Infection Control In Schools Public Health Agency Guidance

Phoenix Academy request that all pupil absences are reported directly to the school office on 01922 712834, together with a reason for the absence.  If a pupil is absent from school for a longer period of time than would normally be expected, then a GP appointment is advised, with evidence being provided to the school office.

Medical appointments should also be reported directly to the school office with the appointment letter being seen by staff and copied for our records.  If evidence of appointments are not provided, then there is the risk that an unauthorised mark may be given.

Attendance at school is extremely important to ensure that your child receives a full school experience.

A full school experience includes academic content but also:

  • life skills  /  social skills
  • Acceptance, tolerance and understanding of others
  • taking turns
  • cultural experiences through school trips and visits
  • pride, inclusivity and belonging
  • supportive and engaging

and many more!

NamePositionContact Information
Elyse / 01922 712834
Lucy DawesVice Principal / Attendance / 01922 712834
Stephanie Edwards / Kelly OakesFamily Intervention / - 01922 712834
Lynn VincentEducation Welfare / 07415 277452

For further information relating to Authorised and Unauthorised absence, please click on the following link to view our Attendance Policy