Governors, Staff, parents & pupils worked collaboratively in order to develop the vision, values and strapline for Phoenix as it moved in to the Academy Transformation Trust family. Below is the final version of their work.

Phoenix Academy’s Five Year Vision

To become:

  • An outstanding school with a challenging and stimulating curriculum.
  • A centre of excellence, recognised across the West Midlands
  • A school which models British Values, respects individuals religious beliefs and demonstrates equality and diversity.
  • A school which successfully engages with all stakeholders.

Phoenix Values

  • Acceptance
  • Belonging
  • Regulation
  • Respect
  • Pride

Phoenix Strapline

  • Believe and Achieve

Academy Transformation Trust Vision & Values:-

Our Vision 

We have one core purpose: 

To have the biggest positive impact in the varied communities we serve through ensuring top drawer education for our learners. #TransformingLives  

How do we ensure this across our trust? 

In all we do we are: 

  1. Ethical to the core, ensuring that education is always front and centre 
  2. Futures focused system leaders – never simply followers 
  3. Collaborative in every endeavour 
  4. Resolutely learner centred.

What does this look like across our trust? 


We are: 

  1. Ruthlessly ambitious for all who learn and work with us 
  2. Unwaveringly inclusive – determined on eradicating barriers to educational success 
  3. Committed to excellent teaching 
  4. Determined upon academic excellence for all in our communities 
  5. Compassionate, ethical and caring advocates for all in our communities 
  6. Outwardly facing and globally conscious  


We are: 

  1. Committed to the very best people development and empowerment 
  2. Determined to shout loudly and share proudly our successes 
  3. The best professional and technical experts (supporting education) in the sector 
  4. Committed to the very best understanding and management of risk


We are: 

  1. Providing the best possible public service for the best possible value 
  2. Determined to supplement our public income with shrewd income generation 
  3. Building financially sustainable models of educational improvement in our communities 
  4. Demonstrably efficient in all we do

Our values 

  • We will work inclusively within our communities, embracing the varied localities we serve while sharing our common vision and values. 
  • We will develop the very best leaders of the future, working to improve education and transform lives. 
  • We will adhere unwaveringly to the ‘Nolan Principles’ of Public Service, which is made clear in our commitment to Ethical Leadership.