Science Subject Guide 2022-2023

Curriculum intent

At Phoenix Academy we recognise that Science supports our children’s understanding of the world. At Phoenix we strive to encourage our children’s respect for living organisms, the environment and the world around us.  Our Science lessons are taught discreetly and help support the children to understand how Science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave and analyse causes. Our Science lessons are taught discreetly and staff use Developing Experts to help support our planning. We celebrate Science through our Class Dojos and annual Science week.


At the end of each unit covered teachers complete a unit assessment. These are found on Developing Experts and are recorded in the back of the pupils Science books. Skills are recorded on FFT and teachers then track the children’s progress with teachers using self-assessment and the unit assessments to inform these decisions.

Cross-curricular links

Science has been mapped to ensure where possible cross curricular links can be made with topic cycles. Science at Phoenix however is taught discretely. Teachers are to use the progression of skills document to pitch objectives to mixed year group classes. Teachers are to use Science from Topic to form “wow” introductory lessons but Science is to be taught discreetly.