Here at Phoenix  Academy we have adapted the Cornerstones Curriculum to meet the needs of our pupils.

All classes work on the same topic for half a term, differentiated accordingly, to create unity and a sense of community.  Opportunities are created through assemblies to share and celebrate achievements across the Academy.

An immersive corridor is used to display pupils work continually throughout each half term and pupils take pride in making work for this display area.

Pupils at Phoenix Academy enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum, not only to learn about the wider world but also to enrich their own cultural capital.

Visits are regularly planned and where possible organised to embed the topic enrichment, and allow pupils to gain a greater understanding about the topics they have covered.

We appreciate our pupils achievements and recognise their struggles.  Through a supportive approach our pupils are encouraged to foster new found skills.

Cornerstones is a nationally recognised approach which delivers outstanding learning opportunities for all children. Please click on the following link for more information relating to Cornerstones:

How it works?

Children progress through four stages of learning (Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express).

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