All pupils who attend our academy will have an 0-25 Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) which names our academy as the educational establishment which will best meet the needs of the pupil.   In order to have an EHCP a request for statutory assessment will have taken place and if approved an EHCP will be drawn up.  Requests are made be either parents/carers or the pupil’s current school.

If our academy is the agreed school on the plan the pupil and carers will be invited for a pre admission visit.  This is an important part of the admission process and required as part of our academy policy.  During this visit you will get a tour of the academy and an overview of our key policies and practice.  You will also complete all the pre admission paper work and be given the pupil’s official start date.

We are aware that moving to a new school can be extremely stressful for any child, particularly those with additional needs.  To support successful transition into the school, it may be necessary for the pupil to start on a part-time timetable.  This is usually for two weeks.  The pupil will also receive their first school sweat shirt and polo shirt courtesy of us, together with a book bag.  Additional purchases can be made from the academy office.

If you are currently looking at schools to be nominated on your Child’s EHCP and believe that we may be suitable, then please do not hesitate to contact the academy office to arrange a visit.  The Walsall SEN team may also be able to advise and support you when making this important decision.

Please see our Admissions Policy for further information:

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Admissions Policy 2025-2026

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