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Literacy Curriculum

Where possible, and where quality is not compromised, Literacy and extending writing will be linked to the thematic curriculum.

Literacy is taught daily in all classes.  Children who are not involved in RWI sessions also have an extra 30 minute lesson which is dedicated to spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting and guided reading.

These sessions introduce, teach and consolidate essential skills which are then embedded in their literacy lessons and writing tasks across the curriculum.  Some children may have their literacy lessons with a different teacher and/or in a small group.  These groups may change throughout the year as we ensure that each child is receiving the most appropriate teaching.

The themes and text types which will be taught each term are included on the thematic overviews.  For spelling, punctuation and grammar planning please see the following documents:

SPAG Year 1

SPAG Year 2

SPAG Year 3

SPAG Year 4

SPAG Year 5

SPAG Year 6